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When you invest in a cask, you buy the whisky while it’s maturing. You don’t just buy one bottle with a label. You get a cask full of whisky while it’s ageing. One cask might yield between 200 and 300 bottles and because the cask improves a whisky’s taste over time, the longer it’s in the cask, the more valuable it becomes.

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Your free cask investment

We help our clients source quality single malt whisky and rare casks. We provide an end-to-end service that can help you buy, store, bottle or sell casks of premium whisky.

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Our cask investment guide

The Complete Guide to Whisky Cask Investment teaches you about investing in whisky.

We’ll give you information about whisky, the investment process, and potential returns. We’ll help you answer the question: ‘is investing in whisky the right strategy for me?

How it works

How cask whisky investment works



Select your casks

We’ll work with you to understand your investment goals. Based on your objectives, we’ll create a bespoke cask portfolio.



Get your papers

After you select your casks, we agree a price and prepare the paperwork for a simple transaction.



Store your cask

We will manage your casks in a bonded warehouse and pay storage and insurance for the first year.



Get your return

The demand for whisky far outstrips supply, making it a lucrative investment. There are multiple exit strategies.

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We're award winners!

We’ve been listed as Whisky Market Experts of the Year by the Southern Enterprise Awards. Whilst we pride ourselves on our customer service, it’s extra special when we’re recognised by players in the industry.

We also wrote this article on guiding investors through the multi-billion pound whisky investment market. Hopefully, it gives you some more insight into who we are and how we operate.

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Cask whisky investment explained