About Benrinnes Distillery

After the huge flood, the distillery was rebuilt a few kilometres down the road by John Innes, but only managed to last three years before being plagued by bankruptcy and being taken over once more. The ups and downs continued for Benrinnes, before it was eventually purchased by John Dewar & Sons, and finally moved into Diageo ownership fully in the late 20th century.

Today, the distillery is owned by Diageo and produces around 2.5 million litres per annum on its two wash and four spirit stills. It is mostly used in blends, with a few releases available such as the 15 year old Flora & Fauna edition, and can sometimes be found in Diageo’s annual Special Releases collection.


CountryScotland, United Kingdom
OwnerJohn Dewar & Sons Ltd
Number of Stills2 Wash, 4 Spirit
Visitor CentreNo