About Port Charlotte Distillery

The peated whisky which Bruichladdich makes is today aged in warehouses on the site of the former Port Charlotte/Lochindaal distillery, two miles down the road from Bruichladdich.
The original distillery’s disappearance from the Scottish whisky scene would come as a surprise to anyone who saw it in the 19th century. Back then, the site produced a substantial 128,000 gallons of spirit a year, making it one of the biggest distilleries in Scotland.
The distillery was a success and continued to run for another nine years after its sale to Benmore Distilleries in 1920. When Distillers Company Limited bought out Benmore Distilleries in 1929, it unfortunately decided to shut the large distillery down, bringing an end to a century of production.
In 2001, the first run of Port Charlotte whisky was made at the Bruichladdich distillery, and today the company uses the brand to release a number of unique peated whiskies.


CountryScotland, United Kingdom
Number of StillsN/A
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