About Teaninich Distillery

The distillery stayed in the Munro family hands – passing through different descendants – until 1850 when it was leased to Robert Pattison, eventually coming into the hands of DCL (Distillers Company Limited) ownership in 1933. DCL eventually turned into Diageo, who own it to this day.
Seen as a workhorse, Teaninich is relatively large in terms of Scotch whisky distilleries, producing around 10m litres per annum, with plans to double that in coming years with the build of a second distillery next door. Like many distilleries in Diageo’s stable, its production is mostly used in the company’s vast array of blended whiskies.
The style at Teaninich is distinct as it uses a mash filter, rather than a mash tun, to produce its wort and is one of only two distilleries in Scotland employing this technique. It creates an ultra clear wort, which leads to a soft grassy, floral characteristic in its new make.
Diageo releases a 12-year old as part of its Flora and Fauna series of whiskies, but otherwise the only way to try it on its own is via independent bottlers.


CountryScotland, United Kingdom
Number of Stills3 wash, 3 spirit
Visitor CentreNo